Swarovski Rivoli stands for simplicity and elegance. The sharp lines of this cut form a geometric pattern with high-precision faceting that results in a subtle yet clear brilliance.These beautifully faceted rhinestones have 16 facets front (and back on the 1122 style) and form a center point on both sides that feature a symmetrical multi-faceted pattern. There are no drilled holes or flat surface areas on the 1122 style. The 3200 Rivoli features a foiled flatback and two drilled holes for attaching. They differ from a traditional rhinestone in that there is no flat center where the facets meet in the center of the crystal.

This category features the 1122 Pointed Back Rivoli, 3200 Sew-On Rivoli, 2006 Flatback Rivoli, Rivoli Buttons and Rivoli Earrings