Nylon Sparkle Organza has a glitter-like thread running though the fabric. Nylon Sparkle Organza fabric is dyeble. It is a colored metallic thread, the same as the fabric color, not a silver toned glitter thread. Poly Organza is a sheer fabric but is not prone to raveling as other sheer fabrics. It is a little heavier and stiffer than chiffon and is easier to work with. It is easy to hem and ruffle and keeps it's shape better than chiffon. It is widely used to make pageant gowns and skirts, dance and skate costumes and bridal veils. Below is a photo of a dress made with a Poly Sparkle Organza skirt, ruffled, edged and trimmed with tiny rhinestones. One of the ruffles is made of a pleated Poly Organza.