"SALE Hotfix Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones and Beaded Fringe Trimming for Bridal and Pageant, Prom, Western Show and Ballroom Dance Costumes"

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Durable and brilliant Swarovski stones step up the glamour on shoes. And not just for special occasions - sneakers, sandals and even slippers can be crystallized.

The Xirius Rose's superbly brilliant cut, increased number of facets, and faultless precision, makes it the perfect component for every style, so no wonder this crystal variant has been added to the popular Xirius family. Whether used as a backdrop to add a bold sparkle to designs, or as a standalone, or as an eye-catching element in patterns, the Xirius Rose brings glamour to any piece.

Hotfix technology is the easiest, fastest way to apply Swarovski crystals onto many different materials. Secure, wash-resistant and so simple to care for, Hotfix is the ideal application method for textiles, interior decor and accessories.

The brightest star of all, Sirius has lent its name to Swarovski's Xirius chaton. Its revolutionary cut brings this highly resistant crystal product one step closer to the diamond. The groundbreaking innovation was launched in honor of Daniel Swarovski's birthday, and honors the company founder's legacy. Unmatched brilliance and the highest level of precision make this crystal a versatile component for myriad applications, and is the ideal alternative to precious stones. The basic crystal element is an excellent match for elegant, classic, and romantic designs, and adds a unique sparkle to every piece.