Fringe, Fringe, Fringe! At Glitz & Glamour, we love fringe of all varieties - and we have a lot of varieties! From silky dancer's fringe to exquisite beaded fringe with crystals and bugle beads, our variety of fringe is unmatched! Fringe is great for handbags, totebags, jeans, jackets, lamps, curtains, dust ruffles in a little girl's room, and more! Put your imagination to work! Fringe is easy to apply no matter your skill level. You can glue it on or sew it on - your choice!. Please note that beaded fringe will break if it is put under stress. If you are adding long fringe on a garment, like in this picture, you will have some breakage with spins etc. We put 3 layers of each length on this costume so it would not be noticeable. Please be aware of this when you make costumes and if you are a seamstress make sure you advise your customers.