"Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones and Beaded Fringe Trimming for Bridal and Pageant, Prom, Western Show and Ballroom Dance Costumes"


Western Show Jackets made by winning designer Liz Vorbeck using GlitzStone Crystals!

Dance, Bikini, Gymnastic, Cheer, Skating and Western Costumes
How many hours have you and your competitor put into lessons and rehearsals? Put just as much time and effort into your stagewear. Dazzle them with a first impression. Leave them speechless with the performance! Make everything perfect from accessories to shoes and everything in between.

Crystallized connectors add bling to any outfit.
Bejeweled belts and appliques transform an ordinary outfit into a winning costume.
Crystal headbands are a must for flower girls and brides.
Rhinestone barrettes, ponytail holders and hair combs catch the light in an ice skater's program

Own the stage!
We have ready-to-wear stage jewelry for your next competition or exhibition:
Performance Jewelry for dancers
Appliques with Swarovski crystals
Fringe in every length from 1 inch to 12 inches!

Bling everything with DIY Accessories

At GlitzOnline, we have the tools, adhesives, and jewelry components to embellish anything you can hold still!

Superior Sparkle and Shine

GlitzOnline offers the best in brilliance with the highest quality crystals for every budget including:
Swarovski Crystals
Preciosa Crystals
GlitzStone Crystals

We custom curate specially engineered crystal designs to bring you the highest quality rhinestones available. Our vast collection of crystal rhinestone embellishments and jewelry will elevate your attire. Our extensive selection means you can find everything you need from fabric to finishing touches in one place. If you are not finding exactly what you're looking for, contact us for personalized service. We will help you find something to fit your needs.

Embellishments that Shine
Our beaded fringes, sequin appliques, rhinestone belts, beaded trims, and rhinestone appliques are curated by our in-house costumers to catch maximum light during movement. When your competitor is in the spotlight, they will not be missed!

More Bling For Your Buck!
Our dedicated customer service and decades of experience in the costuming industry supports the creation of your accessories while saving you time and money. We sell everything at extremely competitive prices because we know what it is like to have a dancer, or even a dance team, to costume. We've spent a lifetime, since the 1970's, costuming dancers, gymnasts, pageant contestants, brides, and western show riders. We not only help you with the decoration, we can help you with the construction. Just ask! That's why we're here.

Why Shop With Us?
When you win, we win! We are in business to help you succeed. We are happy to provide all the resources to help you in your costuming journey, whether this is your first time or you're an experienced designer. We realize not everyone has done this before and we will do our best to help you navigate this blinged up world! Reference our tutorials or get advice from our in-house experts.

Let's start costuming!


Western Show outfits made by winning mother/daughter design team Kim Huddleston and Jackie Ellis using GlitzStone Crystals!